Burglars Snorts Human and Dog Ashes, by mistake.

In 2010 a male was arrested, including two minors, on suspicion of breaking into a residence in Florida and snorting the remains of a man and two Great Danes.

The reason behind them snorting the remains was according to police, the suspects believed the ashes of a man and his 2 great Danes were cocaine.

Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19, Waldo Soroa, 19, Matrix Andaluz, 18, and Waldo Soroa, 19, were detained and brought to the Marion County Jail.

Soroa had a $17,000 bond and was charged with seven offences. With an $11,500 bond, Andaluz was charged with six offences. With a $9,000 bond, Marrero is charged with four offences. Charges against the two minors include attempting to break into a house and interfering with a phone line to a house.