Lewis Capaldi Stuns Passengers on British Airways Flight with In-Flight Bartending and Live Performance of New Single

Airways passengers got more than they bargained for on a flight to LA when none other than Lewis Capaldi himself turned up to serve drinks and perform his upcoming single. Yes, you read that right! The Scottish Someone You Loved hitmaker started pushing a drinks trolley for passengers, giving them the ultimate in-flight entertainment at 35,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean.

Glaswegian sisters Rowan and Georgie Gupwell couldn’t believe their eyes as Lewis approached them with the trolley, offering them drinks and chatting with them. The Before You Go singer even joked about feeling useless just standing there and looking pretty. But, of course, the real treat was when he broke out his guitar and sang a line from his upcoming single, Wish You the Best, leaving passengers completely in awe.

@scottishdailyrecord Lewis Capaldi surprised passengers on a British Airways flight, taking over the drinks trolley and singing new single “Wish You The Best” 🤣❤️ #fyp #lewiscapaldi #britishairways #music #scotland @British Airways @Lewis Capaldi ♬ original sound – Daily Record

With snippets of the performance interrupted with passenger reactions, it was tricky to get a full idea of the whole song, but we can’t wait for it to be released on his upcoming album Sophomore, set to be released in May. And, to top it all off, Lewis even quipped that he was Ed Sheeran, just in case anyone was confused.

Passengers Nicola Barker and a plucky Scottish man were delighted with the unique performance, and Barker even commended the singer for pouring her a great G&T too. All we can say is, if this is the kind of entertainment British Airways has in store, we’re booking our tickets now! Who knows, maybe next time it will be Adele mixing drinks and singing her new hits. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!