Lewis Capaldi Dubbed ‘Prince of Pain’ After TikTok Video Makes Kids Cry

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi has been dubbed the “prince of pain” after a TikTok video of him singing his emotional ballad “Someone You Loved” to a group of children went viral.

In the video, Capaldi is seen sitting on a couch with a group of children, all of whom are visibly moved by his performance. As he sings, the children can be seen wiping tears from their eyes and hugging each other.

The video has been viewed over 10 million times and has been shared thousands of times. Many people have commented on the video, saying that Capaldi’s voice is “heartbreaking” and that his music is “too real.”

Some people have even joked that Capaldi should be renamed the “prince of pain” because his music is so emotionally powerful.

Capaldi has not commented on the video, but he has previously spoken about his desire to connect with his fans through his music.

“I want my music to make people feel something,” he said in a recent interview. “I want it to make them cry, laugh, or whatever. I just want it to make them feel something.”

It seems that Capaldi is certainly succeeding in connecting with his fans, as evidenced by the viral TikTok video. His music may be painful to listen to, but it is also clear that it is deeply meaningful to many people.


#duet with @Keli #lewiscapaldi so many children going to therapy early because of this and honestly they should be thanking me for the headstart

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